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Why Does it Help to Have Articles Published on the Web?

All authors are given credit for their writings and a link to their web site and / or email address with detailed contact information at the bottom, authors can also add a short bio to the bottom of the article. Published works provide name recognition for the author. Links to your website help it immensely in search engine rankings, and bring in additional traffic to your web site.

The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory is one of the most prominent sites in the search engines for its subject matter. Often times, members of the press have come to me after visiting The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory, to ask for names of therapists who may be interested in public speaking or appearing on television shows. They look at this website because it is one of the top ranked sites in the search engines. That same prominence also makes its links more valuable.

Where Would My Article Be Published?

All articles are linked to from the homepage of The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory. We are also very fortunate to have started a new website in February, 2007, called Talk About Marriage.

Talk About Marriage is a public forum that provides even more opportunity for therapists to gain recognition. Talk About Marriage grabs the attention of many visitors to our site who are still too reluctant to contact a therapist. Many post anonymously on the site about their problems and receive feedback from other visitors.

Therapists can register on Talk About Marriage and post articles in the "Articles" section. Keep in mind that these articles need to be approved before they will go live on the website. Approval on Talk About Marriage usually occurs within 24 hours, and these articles must be posted by either the therapist or someone representing them.

There are two places that your articles can be published:

  • The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory
  • Talk About Marriage

What Are the Article Requirements?

There are no length requirements, although thesis length papers have been difficult for us to publish in the past due to the formatting involved in changing them to html, so expect a longer delay for these types of papers. Most articles we publish are usually 250 - 1000 words. Articles must be well written, and original. Original meaning written by the person claiming to be the author and not published elsewhere on the internet at the time it is submitted. It's acceptable to publish the work on another website after it is published on ours, it's also acceptable for the work to have been previously published in print.

Articles will be reviewed by the Webmaster, and there is no guarantee that your article will be published.

Approved articles will be published to The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory, usually within one week, and later published on

How Do I Submit an Article?

There are two ways to submit an article:

  • Send the article via email to , either included in the body of the email, or in Microsoft Word format.
  • If you just want to publish your article on Talk About Marriage, you may register and submit it to the articles section.

Thank you for considering The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory as a place to publish your writing.

Chris Hartwell, MSW



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