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The Family and Marriage Counseling (FMC) Directory was started in September, 2003.  The project was initiated by Chris Hartwell, MSW, a web designer, and at the time, a student of Social Work at Tulane University.

The Family and Marriage Counseling Directory is a multi-disciplinary state by state directory designed so that individuals can easily find members of the helping professions in their area through the major search engines.

One of my reasons for going in to Social Work was to help people lead healthier and happier lives. Being a website designer, affords me a unique opportunity to make society's resources more available to the people who need them.

The search engines today are better than they ever have been, but many websites designed for professionals and organizations in the field are done so without the knowledge of how to get properly indexed and found for their keywords.

The FMC Directory was designed specifically to make these resources more accessible. I wanted a site that would show up near the top of results when someone typed 'family counseling' or 'marriage counseling' into Google.

All of the initial counselors in the directory were included for free so that people would have resources for their area. As the directory gains in popularity, more and more counselors have asked to be included, and we now do so for a small fee.

I heard a good description of the internet years back when someone told me, 'the internet is like a giant library with all of it's books thrown on the floor.' The goal of the FMC Directory is to have those books indexed a little better so people can get the help that they need.

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The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory
is owned and operated by:

Verticalscope Inc.
111 Peter Street, Suite 700
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5V 2H1

1 (416) 341 8950

Contact by email is preferred. Please do not call this phone number if you are looking for a counselor or therapist, use the directory or other suitable resources. Chris Hartwell is not a practicing therapist and does not do any form of counseling at the present time.


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