Review of "The Us Factor"
by Dr. Joseph Melnick

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by: Chris Hartwell, MSW

To introduce the newest product in self-help programs for troubled relationships, I'm going to tell you about a program that is probably my absolute favorite to date. Dr. Joseph Melnick has over 22 years of experience counseling couples as a licensed psychologist, and he's put all of that to work in creating "The Us Factor."

"The Us Factor," by Dr. Joseph Melnick

Dr. Melnick's program consists of a series of DVD's and a workbook, where you get to see and hear his warm, passionate approach to counseling couples through real life examples of counseling sessions and interviews about the process.

Throughout the program, Dr. Melnick introduces us to common patterns in relationships and the problems that can arise from each. Each DVD in the set of 10 holds a valuable lesson, and keeps the viewer involved by demonstrating common problems that many will relate too. The workbook included follows along with the theme of each lesson, and examples are shown in both to help the viewer end destructive patterns by using innovative approaches to their relationship.

The program is very educational, and if you're trying to fix a broken marriage and work to make things better, The Us Factor will give you the tools and information to make it happen.

Dr. Melnick offers a free trial, and due to the fact that it's a a DVD series, I find it more captivating than some of the other programs which are only audio. Who knows, maybe you can get your significant other to watch along with you?!?


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