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Contact: Dr. Marty Tashman
Tel: 1-888-281-5850
Email: [email protected]


Healing From the Trauma of Infidelity
A manual for the unfaithful partner

You have had an affair and your partner knows what has happened. What do you do next?

Dr. Marty Tashman, a well known marriage counselor in New Jersey will help you to find the answers to getting past infidelity and to building a new and better relationship. He has written an interesting self help book "Helping Relationships and Marriages Heal from the Trauma of Infidelity." Because he wants every relationship to have a chance, he has written an inexpensive manual that everyone can afford. The book is written for the person who has been unfaithful. It will give them practical guidelines to follow. It is written in a clear style and is easy to put into practice.

"Healing from the Trauma of Infidelity" is a collection of 16 short essays handling topics ranging from: "How to Handle Your Partner's Anger", "How to Apologize" to "How to Get Back Together".

The articles are specific and will help you understand how to reconnect with your partner. The Author "Dr. Marty" is a Marriage Counselor who has worked effectively with thousands of couples over the years who are going through this trauma. He has written this manual to help couples have the best chance of overcoming the trauma they are experiencing and rebuilding a better relationship.

A good place to start is go to meet the author and purchase the manual at: www.YourMarriageCounselor.com
At YourMarriageCounselor.com you can learn about Dr Marty's approach to helping couples rekindle their feelings

If you want further information about how to save your relationship you can also call him at 1-888-281-5850.

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