Marriage Counseling Grants for Parents of Autistic Children

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By: Chris Hartwell, MSW

The National Autism Association has created a "Family First Program" purposed to help families with autistic children through counseling. According to their website,

The divorce rate within the autism community has been creeping up for quite some time. With the explosion in autism cases comes many more challenges with couples in our community. Family First was launched to provide couples within our community a way to access counseling on a 24/7 basis.  

The amount available for each couple who is approved is $1000. The program is also promoting "date nights" and workshops in different areas.

The goals of the program are:

  • Provide couples with access to counseling
  • Provide couples with financial aid for counseling
  • Raise awareness about the divorce rates within our community and around the country
  • Provide a solid support system for all autism couples

NAA is also seeking donations to help sponsor the program. Click here to donate.

To Apply, download the application in PDF or Word format. Also visit their website for more information or in case the links provided here stop working.

Chris Hartwell, MSW, is the Webmaster and creator of The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory.

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