Review of Dr. Ellen Kreidman's Light Your Fire Program

by: Chris Hartwell, MSW

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Have You Lost that Loving Feeling?

If the answer is "yes,' then let me introduce you to a program that claims to get those feelings back. It's called, Light His Fire for women and Light Her Fire for men. Over 1 million programs have been sold and have transformed marriages all over the world with Dr. Kreidman's unique "his" and "her" approach. Unlike any other programs on the market, each spouse listens to his or her own gender set of CD's. Dr. Kreidman feels that when a couple listens to the same information, it's usually watered-down so as to not offend or embarrass either spouse. For example, when she teaches how fragile a man's ego is and what to do about it, that advice is for a woman's ears only! In the same way, when she teaches a man how to have the woman he loves respond to him, it's for his ears only! If a spouse knows in advance what his or her mate is going to be saying or doing, it is not effective and loses its impact.

Dr. Ellen Kreidman, who is the founder of these CD programs, has been quoted in every major magazine and newspaper including, USA TODAY, The New York Times, People, Family Circle, Cosmopolitan and Redbook. She has appeared on every talk show including Oprah 4 times as well as The View and The Today Show. Most of you know that Oprah does not invite experts back unless she is impressed by what they have to say. According to Dr. Kreidman, when she first appeared on her show, Oprah came up to her back stage and had her repeat what she had said to the audience. Oprah thought this one secret was brilliant and felt that every couple needed to hear this. She never forgot what Dr. Kreidman said and throughout the years has repeated this important principal on her show many times. It is at the core of the Light His Fire and Light Her Fire CD programs.

The Programs include 12 CD's for each gender and an informative workbook for each gender so that you won't need to take notes. When you buy both Light His and Light Her Fire programs you receive a 10% discount and you will also receive Dr. Kreidman's DVD, "The Secrets of a Great Relationship." Once you and your spouse sit down and watch this entertaining video, you will both be motivated to listen to your own, individual programs.

This program can dramatically change your life if any of the following applies to you:

You have heard, "I love you but I'm no longer in love with you."

One or both of you have lost interest in intimacy.

Your relationship is beginning to crumble and you want to turn it completely around.

You want to laugh, have fun and enjoy each other's company again.

You want to communicate on a deeper level.

Dr. Kreidman has found that many men and women, who will not agree to marriage counseling, will agree to listen to these programs in the privacy of their car, while on their way to and from work. Most people find her down-to-earth style, entertaining and easy follow. She shares a great deal about her own life and what has worked for her and what will work for you as well. Dr, Kreidman reminds every couple that, "If you don't have a love affair with your mate, someone else will."

You can visit her website, and begin making changes immediately. What she recommends is to watch her 22 minute video by going to or listening to her audio by going to

Here's to lighting a fire forever!


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